La Traviata


I am very pleased to be performing with Dutch Touring Opera (Nederlandse Reisopera) in outstanding staging of Floris Visser. The show is a “must see”!

5 thoughts on “La Traviata

  1. Thank you for a most wonderful and touching performance just now in Scheveningen-The Hague. You and the whole company, singers, dancers and orchestra, moved us to tears.
    Without any hesitation, this was THE evening of this opera year 2017

  2. Thank you ( and all The company) for the emotions I experienced in Monday evening on Amsteram this at your Traviata I’m Italian and Verdi’s lover and I can only say, “You were very good.” I hope to see you again .. maybe in Italy .

  3. This was so fine so warm so full of passion. You were one of a kind Violetta so warm so fine so full of passion.
    This opera was the last which my father wanted to hear with me before dying, so certainly this evening in Arnhem meant quite a thing to me. Thanks for giving me this🙏

    • Dearest Roos!
      What you just wrote is the biggest possible reward for me! Its opera’s number one calling and intention to honour emotions. My only wish always on the stage is that we all benefit from the gifts that we possess and enrich each other. Thank you for you sharing your thoughts! God bless you and your dear father, wherever he is.

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